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LiaoNing XiangShun--MSP series coal and rock analysis system

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LiaoNing XiangShun--MSP series coal and rock analysis system

Date of release:2019-04-27 Author: Click:

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Detailed description of coal and rock analysis:

System: consists of world-class top quality Germany LEICA polarizing microscope, has the world leading level of MSP full-automatic intelligent microscopic analysis system (the earliest domestic coal source rock technology expert experience integration), Germany LEICA original double light path video interface, high precision, high speed data acquisition system, precision scanning focusing control system, powerful computer software and hardware system into perfect automatic measurement analysis system, coal and rock are truly international qiangqiang technology model of joint.After seven years on the market, after numerous secondary production of "sharp harsh" standard arbitration inspection, now the formation of the coal industry reputation products, has been the majority of users at home and abroad trust and recognition!

Advantages and characteristics of MSP series automatic intelligent coal coke microscopic analysis system:Germany LEICA polarized light microscope adopts the most advanced infinite distance optical system, large field of view, flat field objective lens, wide-field binocular observation eyepiece, rotatable compensator separated from the polarizer, which is easy to maintain and replace and lower cost.At the same time, the deceleration mode of the precision gear group makes it possible for coal and rock to focus automatically, and avoids the problem of inaccurate focal length caused by harmonic tooth deceleration slip of the same kind of imported products, which makes the imaging clear, uniform in brightness and obvious in details, and provides imaging guarantee for the measurement of coal and rock with high precision.Enjoy international reputation of Canada is adopted in microscope photometer Excelitas company (the original American PerkinElmer company (hereinafter referred to as: PE companies in the United States] high-end photoelectric detection products division) the latest launch of a new type of photoelectric converter, in the dark current, precision, linearity, stability, stable time features such as better than any other type of traditional photoelectric converter.The 4 micron measuring beam, which is better than the national standard, is adopted and the center of the light path is precisely located.The adoption of 1/65526 resolution high speed data acquisition system, strict anti-interference measures and various filtering technologies provide a strong guarantee for automatic rapid and high precision measurement.With automatic temperature correction function.The reflectivity measured at different temperatures can be corrected to the standard temperature state to solve the problem that the same measured value is inconsistent in different temperatures.The whole system has a high degree of automation, easy to operate, and saves time and effort in measurement:(1) highly intelligent, can be intelligent identification, automatic determination of various coal rock microscopic components.All operations can be accomplished by mouse or keyboard.(2) provide online operation tips to minimize misoperation.(3) equipped with high-speed video monitoring window with micrometer, which can replace the operation of observation microscope.(4) automatic sample moving ruler is configured, and point and line spacing is optional.(5) equipped with automatic microscope focusing system, which can automatically adjust the microscope focal length in the process of automatic measurement.

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Address: No. 1271, Lincheng Street, High-tech Zone, Anshan City, Liaoning Province

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