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Company Profile

Domestic coal and rock industry the most professional supplier - LiaoNing XiangShun Science and Technology, adhering to the "spirit, excellence" concept, focus on in the coal and rock and coke micro automatic detection technology products research and development, production, sales, after-sales service and other business, for the global customers with perfect products and satisfactory after-sales service.The company has ISO 9001 quality system certification qualification, in mainland China with a unified after-sales service phone 400-805-1057, so that customers do not worry!

Main independent research and development of the MSP9000C automatic coal and rock analysis system, MSP6000A coal and rock photometer and other products, all the core components imported, high accuracy in automatic detection! It makes up for the same kind of imported products abroad without automation technology, slow detection speed, not suitable for production enterprises to use.Technically, it is superior to all kinds of similar products at home and abroad.At present, it has transformed many similar products of Germany, the United States and other brands, which are widely used in national quality inspection, national commodity inspection, third-party arbitration organizations and various authoritative departments of steel coking enterprises.It is a good instrument not only for high precision manual testing in arbitration institutions, but also for daily high accuracy and rapid automatic testing of large quantities of samples in production enterprises.

The company product series include: coal vitrinite reflectivity of intelligent automatic measurement and control technology products, coal maceral automatic quantitative technology products, coke micro pore structure of automatic test technology products, coke optical organization quantitative detection technology products, coal electric scanning fluorescence detection technology and accessories automation devices such as product development and sales, etc.;At the same time, for years to provide the most professional and easy to use coal and rock consumables and a variety of old coal and rock equipment upgrade, coke sample testing and other services.

At present, the company's products have been widely sold to nearly 100 domestic enterprises, including: anshan iron and steel, shougang, wisco, baosteel, hebei iron and steel group, shandong iron and steel group, shanxi coking, a number of domestic universities and arbitration institutions, research institutes and so on.At the same time, also exported to Malaysia and other southeast Asian countries.It has created nearly 10 billion economic benefits for related user enterprises, so it has been widely praised and formed a good market reputation and brand influence!The products sell well at home and abroad!

Address: No. 1271, Lincheng Street, High-tech Zone, Anshan City, Liaoning Province

Tel: +86 18242265349


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