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MSP 9000c Automatic intelligent coal and coke microanalysis system

MSP 9000c Automatic intelligent coal and coke microanalysis system

  • Taxonomy:MSP9000C automatic intelligent coal coke microanalysis system (imported with original hardware)

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  • Date of release:2019/11/12
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( high-precision CCD image photometer integrated technology)


It is used for the rapid detection of vitrinite reflectance and distribution of coal and the microscopic composition of coal and rock in coal geological exploration, coal mining, coal washing, coking and other departments and enterprises, and the comprehensive and scientific negotiation of coal quality.It is convenient to guide the operation of coal washing and blending.

The MSP 9000C system can also simultaneously detect pore parameters and optical structure composition of coke.

Technical features:

1, high precision, imported low pressure CCD, super stable: adopt high precision (16-bit) electrically-coupled CCD low pressure detector, super stable, easy to check when starting up, no need of preheating, can work continuously and steadily for a long time;

2. Fully automatic, fast and accurate results: it can really be used for rapid evaluation of coal quality in large quantities;Accuracy is better than the same products at home and abroad;

3. The evaluation of coal quality is more comprehensive: the two indexes of "vitreous reflectivity distribution" and "microscopic composition of coal and rock" can be obtained at the same time in one scan, and the evaluation of coal quality is more comprehensive;

4, coke pore detection speed is fast and accurate: automatic detection of coke pore, 1-2 minutes/sample, the fastest among similar products and accurate results.Aperture distribution and wall thickness distribution information is comprehensive.At the same time, more samples can be checked and averaged, which is more representative.

5. The most complete system functions: both automatic and manual (semi-automatic).All kinds of microscopic indexes of coal coke can be analyzed, including random reflectance of vitreous body, reflectance of *****, microscopic quantification of coal and rock, pore distribution detection of coke, optical structure detection of coke, customized component detection, etc.At the same time, it is equipped with simulation of coal blending, average reporting, database, guidance of coal yard classification and MES system.

Technical parameters:

● linear calibration: four-standard method. The measured values of the four standard samples in the range of 0-1.72% at different temperatures are always straight lines. The difference between the measured values of any standard samples and the standard values should not exceed ±0.02% specified by the national standard.****** in similar instruments;

● stability: ****** in similar instruments;The standard sample of gadolinium and gallium was measured at 23℃, and the range of single point fluctuation within 30 minutes was 0.005%, far less than the national standard of no more than 2% (equivalent to 0.034%) within 30 minutes.

● sensitivity: 16-bit high precision, that is, the minimum discernable reflectivity change of 0.00005%, far better than the national standard provisions of 0.01%;

● filter single ****** : measure the main peak at 546nm and the half peak width at 8nm;

● measurement area: measurement area of 2 microns, has been the smallest of similar equipment, the quality group of measurement mirror more pure;

● dark current: corrected, ***** is 0;

Application in coking production:

1. Evaluation of pre-purchased coal: judge the real quality of pre-purchased coal from the two aspects of metamorphism degree and coal and rock composition, whether it is a typical coal, etc.Combined with the conventional index can guide the coal purchase scientifically;

2. Check the incoming raw coal: it can quickly and accurately identify the composition of single mixed coal and coal-rock activity-inert ratio, and comprehensively and scientifically evaluate the coal quality;Note: according to incomplete statistics, every year only one item, the domestic enterprises lost a staggering number, as little as one million, more than one hundred million yuan;

3. Guide reasonable stacking in coal yard: make use of the principle of similar vitrinite reflectivity distribution and similar coal quality to reasonably arrange stacking in coal yard to prevent the unknown secondary mixed coal in the factory from causing large fluctuations in production;

4. Monitor the ratio of coal entering the furnace: get the true proportion of "active matter" with different coking characteristics, without being confused by the appearance of "surface coal proportion".Prevent large fluctuations in coke quality and mismatches and missing matches in other production links;, can effectively stabilize coke production

5. Fine coal and rock blending: guide coal blending from the perspective of coal petrology, and conduct coarse refining ratio operation to save huge cost and reduce waste;

6. Detection of pore distribution of coke: reversely deduce the reasons for change in coke quality, verify the rationality of "formulation" of ratio, and compare the influence of different coal blending on coke quality, etc.;

7. Coke optical structure test: predict the coke forming mechanism and the quality of various coal sources, so as to achieve the goal of the most refined and cost-saving coal blending;

Note: MSP 9000C system can realize all the above functions;The MSP 9000A system can only realize the first five functions;

MSP 9000C system realizes ten "current *****"

MSP 9000C system has realized ten "current *****", far ahead of similar products:

● the use of the current coal and rock automatic measurement and control field ***** into the "multi-feature intelligent identification technology", the vitrinite group identification accuracy is close to 100%!The * * * * * *!(unique patented technology!A number of national invention patents!

● one scan can provide the function of reflectivity and distribution of vitrinite and composition of coal and rock (activity-inertness ratio) at the same time, the whole process is fully automatic, without manual intervention, high accuracy, and comprehensive evaluation of coal quality;The * * * * * *!

● fully automatic scanning and rapid sample making combined, can check 15-50 samples/day (8 hours), is the current ****** a truly meet the needs of supervision of large quantities of coal into the plant instrument!

● is the current ****** can simply rely on automatic scanning can detect whether the plant coal is mixed with lignite and anthracite equipment!Effectively eliminate "poor coal quality" coal into the plant.

● test area control can achieve ***** "soft", instead of the traditional adjustment of inconvenient "orifice plate limit - measurement light bar" way!Measuring area less than 2 microns!Measurement mirror quality group more pure!The * * * * * *!

● block coke porosity measurement to achieve the "dynamic identification and segmentation technology" (unique patent technology!, completely solve the sample grinding and coke wall composition caused by different interference, accurate results, fast speed (3-7min/ sample), at present ******!

● the creative use of direct reading 16-bit (65536 level) underlying RAW data technology, completely solve the traditional photometer accuracy is sufficient but can not identify the components, image method can identify the components but the accuracy is not enough contradictions.Component intelligent identification and high-precision detection "one" perfect solution!The * * * * * *!High accuracy, high precision, fully automated coal and rock detection technology can be realized.At the same time, the manual detection function that conforms to the national standard is retained, and the accuracy and stability are all better than the traditional photometer.

● the whole process of automatic detection is recorded, and can be called out through the "backtracking" function at any time in the future, for the convenience of subsequent audit.Virtual focus area to provide the return of the test, correction, re - statistical report and other functions.!In particular, its rapid backtracking technology is fast, functional and practical, the industry is now *****!

● degree of automation ****** (automatic movement, automatic intelligent focus, automatic intelligent analysis, automatic report), is the true full automation.Equivalent to "experts" in "direct" analysis of coal samples, therefore, the automatic results and artificial results are within the error of the national standard, the current domestic and international *****!

● with automatic focal length intelligent identification technology, and equipped with high precision automatic compensation control system, can ensure the focal length of high precision, precision 1 micron;Similar products do not have this system, the focal length depends on manual adjustment or mechanical approximation.The * * * * * *!

It also has the following functions:

● semi-automatic detection of coke optical structure;

● the electric platform can be manually and electrically operated, but also can not affect the sample rotation, convenient for ***** reflectivity detection and coke optical structure detection;

● with different temperature reflectivity automatic conversion to standard temperature function;

● automatically convert reports to WORD and EXCEL formats;

● capable of simulating synthesis and production of coal distribution diagram, and weight conversion of vitrine quality group;

● with multiple reports take average, eliminate sampling error and other functions;

● coal/coke function analysis;Automatic/manual testing;Image/photometer dual mode detection;Backtracking/repositioning/retest/review/correction, etc.Also has the fast backtracking technology, solves the similar product backtracking speed slow problem;

MSP 9000C system has been largely transformed to solve a series of problems such as slow speed and poor results accuracy, including large state-owned enterprises such as wisco, shougang and daye special steel.Also a large number of anshan steel, eight steel, hebei iron and steel group, China special steel group, shanxi coking and other manufacturers, see the performance table.

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