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Coal and rock analysis system MCA SmartScope 2000 series

Coal and rock analysis system MCA SmartScope 2000 series

  • Taxonomy:MSP-2000 automatic online fast coal and rock analysis system (imported with original hardware)

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  • Date of release:2019/11/12
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Coal and rock analysis system MCA SmartScope 2000 series (mss-2000 system for short) 

Its latest upgraded product model is: MCA SmartScope 9000 series automatic intelligent coal coke facies analysis system (mss-9000 system for short)

Mss-2000 automatic on-line rapid coal and rock analysis system (imported with original package)

Patent no. : ZL 2012 2 0079834.2

● feature one: fast speed!The correct result.Very suitable for production use;

● feature 2: automatic/semi-automatic detection;

● feature 3: coal and coke all microscopic indicators can be checked;

● feature 4: ancillary software and hardware functions perfect;

Product introduction:Mss-2000 automatic intelligent fast coal and rock analysis system (original polarized light microscope imported from Germany, 16-bit high precision CCD detector from Canada's Point Grey and SMARTLIGHT multi-feature intelligent identification technology)

Brief introduction:Coal and rock analysis is an effective method to identify mixed coal.It is complementary to the conventional process indicators (Vdaf, G, Y, b, etc.) and cannot be absent.The coal quality can be evaluated more accurately and effectively, and many technical problems in coking production can be solved.However, for a long time, the automation accuracy of coal and rock is poor, and the efficiency of manual detection is low (1-2 samples/day), which cannot meet the needs of rapid detection of a large number of samples every day in production, which limits the role of coal and rock analysis in production.

MCA SmartScope 2000 coal and rock series fully automatic intelligent analysis system (hereinafter referred to as: MSS - 2000 system) for coking production every day, a large number of the actual situation of raw coal samples inspected, * * * * * * research and development of suitable for the production of a new generation of coal and rock in the true sense of automatic, rapid analysis system (while preserving semiautomatic function and test function of coke).The whole equipment is composed of polarizing microscope from leica, automatic sample carrier, 16-position CCD detector from PointGrey, Canada, and automatic analysis workstation group conforming to national standards.More than 20-60 samples can be made by a single equipment every day (8 hours). The automatic results and manual test results in accordance with the national standard are within the error specified by the national standard.It is very suitable for quick inspection of large quantities of samples in coking production.The overall technical conditions conform to the requirements of "GB/ t6948-2008 coal vitrinite reflectance microscopy method" and "MT/ t1053-2008 vitrinite reflectance microscopy photometer technical conditions".Over the past few years, more than ten domestic iron and steel coking enterprises use, generally reflect: "they used the ***** used coal and rock equipment.Fast detection speed, accurate results, very suitable for production use!A large number of coal quality changes into the factory can be timely monitoring, the follow-up coal is also matched.For the use of enterprises to bring great economic benefits!

Technical features:

● the combination of automatic analysis and rapid sample preparation technology ensures that more than 20-60 samples can be made by a single equipment every day (8 hours);Single coal 8min mixed coal 20min;

● a real mixed coal analysis system can automatically detect all the corresponding reflectivity of lignite, long-flame coal, gas coal, 1/3 coking coal, fat coal, coking coal, lean coking coal, lean coal, lean coal and anthracite in one calibration.At present, ****** ** can automatically detect lignite anthracite and other non-coking coal which have a great impact on coke quality in the coal.

● one scan can provide both vitrinite reflectivity and vitrinite content (roughly equivalent to the content of active substances in blending coal).The reflectivity of vitrinite is close to 100%.The accuracy of vitrinite content was over 90%.It can be used to evaluate the change of coal quality.

● with the function of data superposition to take the average value, eliminate the error caused by sampling representativeness;

● imported high precision and low voltage electrical coupling (CCD) optical intensity detector:The imported electric coupling detection device (CCD) has the technical characteristics of low working voltage (15 v), high precision (16 bit), super stability (detection can be started up without preheating), format analysis can be carried out, and high precision measurement can be carried out.Very suitable for full automatic, fast, ****** 

●detection;Advanced automatic coal and rock measurement and control technology:SMARTLIGHT multi-feature intelligent identification technology can accurately identify the vitrinite in coal (accuracy is close to 100%, unique patented technology!And the effective reflectivity was measured with high precision.At the same time, with the technology of regional, intermittent and lattice scanning, the key technical problems such as the inability to accurately distinguish vitrinite in the past automatic measurement of coal and rock reflectivity, the difficulty in constant quasi-focus and various stray light interference in the scanning process are completely solved.It can truly realize automatic, rapid and accurate identification of coal mixture and vitrinite content.The mixed coal type and approximate proportion are also provided.Is the current ****** a real substitute for manual testing, comprehensive evaluation of coal quality products, to meet the needs of large quantities of coal into the factory and production with coal testing;

● vitrinite reflectance can be detected manually and automatically:Among them, the manual (semi-automatic) detection method completely conforms to the national standard.In this way, the measurement light bar can be "soft alignment", more convenient for inspection and adjustment;Equipped with manual automatic integrated scanning table, the sample can be automatically moved by computer, which is 3-5 times more efficient than the same kind of pure manual products, and more convenient to calibrate the instrument.Therefore, even if the same manual method, also better than the same products;

● all microscopic analysis items of detectable coal and coke:Almost all microscopic analysis items covering coal and coke, including random reflectance of coal vitrine, reflectance of coal *****, quantitative analysis of microstructure of coal and rock, quantitative analysis of coke optical structure and pore structure parameters of block coke, etc.Among them, random reflectivity and content of automatic rapid inspection and automatic measurement of coke porosity are proprietary technologies.

● complete ancillary analysis function:Including: coal blending stripping, monitoring coal blending in production, simulation and synthesis of coal blending diagram, automatic temperature correction, multiple report average and other necessary functions in coking production.Provide the most complete supporting technical services:

● including: supporting light fast preparation technology (several minutes/light), into the plant wet coal integration rapid sample technology, free detailed personnel technical training, coal and rock application guidance, after-sales warranty, etc..Technical parameters:

● linear calibration: four-standard method. The measured values of the four standard samples in the range of 0-1.72% in the calibration range under different temperatures are always straight lines. The measured values and standards of any standard samplesThe difference of the standard value shall not exceed ±0.02% stipulated by the national standard.****** in similar instruments;

● sensitivity: 16-bit precision, that is, the minimum discernable reflectivity change of 0.00005%, far better than the national standard provisions of 0.01%;

● filter single ****** : measure the main peak at 546nm and the half peak width at 8nm;

● measurement area: measurement area of 2 microns, has been the smallest of similar equipment, the quality group of measurement mirror more pure;

● dark current: corrected, ***** is 0;

● stability: ****** in similar instruments;When gadolinium gallium standard sample was measured at 23℃, the range of single point fluctuation within 640min was 0.005%, far less than the national standard of no more than 2% (equivalent to 0.034%) within 30min.

● overall dimension: 800mm×100mm×600mm.

● weight: 30kg.

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