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KD-1 electric mobile platform

KD-1 electric mobile platform

  • Taxonomy:KD-1 coal and rock electric mobile platform

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  • Date of release:2019/11/11
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Introduction to coal and rock analysis system -- kd-1 automatic moving scanning device for coal coke microscopic analysis (counter)

The device is mainly used for artificial coal and rock macerate quantification, coke optical structure determination and auxiliary vitreous mass reflectivity measurement of sample automatic moving accessories, also has the function of key code customization, so it can also be used for other kinds of statistical particle or component counting.At present, domestic imported coal and rock instruments (such as the MSP200 of Leica company and the MSP uv-vis 2000 microspectrophotometer system of GREENVILLE 3Y international co., LTD.) and some domestic early coal and rock analysis equipment have no automatic control of the movement of samples ****** and quantitative counting devices, which greatly affect the speed of sample measurement.This set of products can effectively solve this problem, it can be the sample to be analyzed for different sizes, small areas and different points of line spacing ***** mobile scanning, quantitative count, provide analysis report.At the same time, aiming at the deficiency of imported equipment software without follow-up result analysis, the software was comprehensively improved. By importing the original reflectivity data measured by imported equipment, the distribution map was generated, and all subsequent analysis was conducted. The overall software has strong functions, providing almost all functions that coal and rock may be used in the coking field.Such as:

1. The coal and rock method can be automatically provided to guide the scientific classification and discrimination of coal yard;

2. According to the reflectivity distribution of a single type of coal, the corresponding reflectivity distribution map of coal was generated, and the content of vitreous mass group was corrected, which solved the problem that there was a big difference between the measured figure and the calculated figure.Can be used to track production, accumulated ***** coal blending ratio.

3, reflectivity distribution notch number automatic determination: solve the GB/ t6948-1998 national standard provisions are not clear, reduce the human error.

4. Automatically give the ambient temperature and reflectivity value of each standard substance at this temperature, so as to facilitate the instrument to be more positive.

5. Average the multiple test reports and redraw the reflectivity distribution.

6. The coincidence degree comparison function of reflectivity distribution map can monitor the accuracy of coal blending in production.

7. Database function: easy to query the data of coal samples measured in the history for comparison, calculation and analysis.

8. Compatible with Leica and 3Y system to make up for its shortcomings: it can be used simultaneously with its original control software, and the system can be used to control the sample's step movement while using Leica and other original software for reflectivity measurement, without conflict.After the measurement is completed, the data file of leica can be read directly into this set of software, and the subsequent generation distribution diagram, discrimination of mixed coal ratio, database and other operations can be conducted.

9. The size of the scanning device is reasonable and does not affect the rotation of the loading platform. It can meet the requirements of detecting the reflectivity of the quality group ****** and the optical structure of coke.

Features and performance

All computer software control, use flexible, convenient, reduce the operator's test intensity, to ensure that the test results are more accurate.

The software has powerful functions, and almost realizes all functions of coal and rock application in coking field.

The scanning device can be installed or removed at any time according to the user's needs, without affecting the normal use of the original imported equipment.

It can be used for a long time with super stable performance.

Main technical index

Stepper motor: control ***** to 5 microns.

Working voltage: 220V±10%Weight: 3 kg

Overall dimension: 400mm×360mm×200mm

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