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How to choose a metallographic microscope

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How to choose a metallographic microscope

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Metallographic microscope is a precision optical instrument. Its core technology is optical technology. Nowadays, foreign optical technology is better than domestic one. The quality of the product is high. The key is to look at the optical system (including lighting system, objective lens, etc.), which is also the purchase of microscope. The basic principle. Digital coal rock analysis, now imported microscope manufacturers have German Zeiss, Germany Leica, Japan Nikon, Japan Olympus, these brands are also of mixed quality, the actual satisfaction of the customer's use can be satisfied, but in the experiment and long-term application It can still be seen that the quality is good.

The following is a description of the technical indicators that should be evaluated in the selection process:

First, the image quality

We use the microscope to obtain the microstructure image by optical imaging principle, and then qualitatively and quantitatively analyze the image, so the image quality is the most important indicator. Clear images are called sharp images in the field of metallography, and sharp images must satisfy the four basic conditions of high contrast, high brightness, good color reproduction and high resolution. Contrast, brightness, and color reduction are just some of the places that are easy to ignore when selecting a user. They only blindly pursue resolution and cause selection failure. When choosing, pay attention to whether the ICCS optical system and the original anti-glare technology can significantly improve the contrast, brightness and color reproduction of the image, so as to obtain the finest texture and delicate color. Only in this way can accurate image analysis be performed.

Second, mechanical stability

Good image quality is not enough, and you should continue to maintain high quality over time. This is what we call "mechanical stability" because the microscope is not a low-value consumable, and its normal service life should be more than 30 years. In this regard, users are advised to focus on the following points: 1. Raw materials 2. Manufacturing precision 3. Mechanical design 4. Origin (Many imported microscope manufacturers currently have joint ventures in China).

At the same time as the comparison of the above indicators, it is better for the qualified users to carry out the "field inspection" with their own samples. In short, choosing a good microscope is not only a purchase of a high-quality product, but also a forward-looking investment.

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