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Coal rock national standard download

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Coal rock national standard download

Date of release:2019-04-26 Author: Click:

GBT 8899-2013 Coal micro-component group and mineral determination method.pdf

GBT 15588-2013 bituminous coal micro-component classification.pdf

GBT16773-2008 coal rock analysis sample preparation method. PDF

GBT 15591-2013 Commercial coal blending type identification method.pdf

MTT 1053-2008 Determination of vitrinite reflectance of the microscope photometric technical conditions.pdf

MTT 1158-2011 vitrinite reflectance degree of coalification grade.pdf

GBT 6948-2008 coal vitrinite reflectance microscopy method.pdf

YB T 077-2017 Determination method of coke optical organization.pdf

How does the coal and rock analysis system maintain the various equipment for coal and rock analysis?

One: the size of the test bench.

The size of the test bench should be constructed according to the style of the test equipment. The reasonable structure can greatly improve the work efficiency and reduce the fatigue. A professional test stand can be purchased if conditions permit.

Two: location

Generally, our test bench is not allowed to be built in direct sunlight and air convection. Because of the intense light, the temperature measurement will be inaccurate and the life of electronic components will be shortened. Air convection also causes temperature and humidity to be lost, and dust samples are even elegant. This leads to deviations in the test results.

Three: temperature

Domestic latitude and longitude deviation is extremely large, and there are extremely large temperature differences in some areas during the day. In the absence of indoor constant temperature and humidity equipment, the test temperature should be manually adjusted to avoid adverse effects on the instrument.

Four: basic facilities

1. Grounding. The coal quality analysis equipment must be grounded, pay attention to the safety of use, so as to avoid damage to the instrument caused by leakage or voltage instability of the instrument, and even the laboratory personnel are injured.

2. Power failure protection device. The same is for safety reasons and is one of the necessary facilities for the test bench.

3. Power supply. Sufficient and quality power should be chosen.

4. UBS. Some trials take a very long time and the preparation is complicated. Often a sudden power outage will result in the inability to complete the work, and a good backup power supply is a guarantee of completing the work on time.

5. Test water. The pool should be far enough away from the electronic equipment and no leakage should occur.

6, daily maintenance. Clean, dry, and good insulation are the goals of routine maintenance. Treating the maintenance test bench as one of your daily work plans will only make your work more efficient.

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