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Detection principle of MSP 9000C coal rock instrument

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Detection principle of MSP 9000C coal rock instrument

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Detection principle of MSP 9000C coal rock instrument


Coal and Rock Analysis System MSP 9000C Coal and Rock System is the latest development of a new generation of coal rock measurement and control system. Because it adopts the latest charge coupled detector (CCD), the detection accuracy can reach 16 digits, and the difference of coal sample reflectance can reach 0.00005. Accuracy level. Far better than the traditional photomultiplier tube detector.

The basic measurement principle is:

The light integration effect of the charge coupler, that is, the longer the exposure time in the light, the more the accumulated charge, the higher the electromotive force generated. Then, the voltage value is measured by an amplifier circuit. When the integration time is constant, the brighter the light reflected from the sample, the larger the voltage signal corresponding to the output. After the analog to digital (AD) conversion into a digital signal, the computer can receive. Because of its high precision, it is far better than the current GB/T6948-2008 national standard. At the same time, it has inherent advantages in stability - low-voltage work, do not need to use hundreds of thousands of volts high voltage for amplification like traditional photomultiplier tubes. Therefore, the long-term stability is particularly good, and there is no need to preheat, and it can be detected almost at the start, which is greatly convenient for the user to use. The same type of photomultiplier tube device needs to be turned on for a long time before it can be used. The linearity is also perfectly in line with the national standard and does not exceed ±0.02 error, so it can be used for reflectivity measurement.

Its automatic detection principle is:

The regional characteristics of coal-fired light sheets under the microscope include: color, grayscale, texture, shape, size and other characteristics. After the signal enters the computer, it is automatically converted by using a series of algorithms to convert the corresponding feature quantities. Finally, the detection signal of the identified vitrinite group region is converted into a reflectance value, that is, a sampling detection is completed. Repeated statistics are used to distribute the data of each area of the entire light sheet, and finally aggregated into the final report for the evaluation of coal quality. The algorithm part of this is the core technology of this set of products.

The main peak of this device is 546 nm and the half-width is 8 nm (the national standard is less than 30 nm). The detection area adopts CCD's unique “soft centering” technology, which can directly control the size of the final detection area by 2 micrometers (the national standard can be less than 10 micrometers), and the traditional photomultiplier tube is no longer needed. "Measure the aperture" to limit the size of the measurement area. Therefore, it fully complies with the current national standards. These are also places where the unclear principle has always been misunderstood.

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